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New product - mobile chemisorption module

ECAT Company presents new product in the field of industrial ecology – mobile chemisorption module. This system was designed by our experts for small volume of emissions (from 0 to 500 m3/hr). It ensures cleaning of sulfides, halogen-containing extractives, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia and other.
Mobile chemisorption module has compact size, therefore it is mounted with minimal cost into the existing system. Mobile chemisorption module is perfect solution for exhaust hood of laboratory benches and air ventilation systems. Emission abatement efficiency can reach up to 99,8% depending on the amount of sorbent and emission composition. Operating temperature varies from -30°C to +450°C, making it possible to neutralize emissions from a variety of processes. Mobile chemisorption module can be used both for regular day to day abatement and neutralization of emergency emissions. Service life of chemisorbent is increased fivefold by joint operation of mobile chemisorption module and ozone generator. Way of proceeding and advantages of mobile chemisorption module are described in the article Mobile chemisorption module.
This is reminder that ECAT Company manufactures emissions abatement systems for large volume including chemisorption modules.



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