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Mobile chemisorption module

Mobile chemisorption module — tailored solution for small volume of emissions. It is possible to solve a lot of tasks, depending on the sort of sorbent or the combination of sorbents. The module has compact size, therefore it is mounted into the existing system with minimal cost. Using mobile chemisorption module does not require permanent attendance/service. The module does not consume electricity and does not make noise.

Mobile chemisorption module is used for cleaning of small airflows (from 0 to 500 m3/hr). It ensures cleaning of sulfides, halogen-containing extractives, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia and other.

Field of the mobile chemisorption module application:


  • exhaust hood of laboratory benches
  • ventilation systems


How does it work?


Gas-air mixture containing repugnant substances enters the system, passes the built-in mobile chemisorption module. As a result we get a cleaned gas-air mixture.

Мобильный МХС_2

Vapor of polluting emissions are absorbed by chemisorbent with an efficiency of up to 95-99,8%.
While in operation chemisorbent absorbs polluting emissions. When the emission abatement efficiency drops to an unacceptable level, it is necessary to change chemisorbent.
Service life of chemisorbent is increased fivefold by joint operation of mobile chemisorption module and ozone generator.


Advantages of mobile chemisorption module:


  • It ensures high emission abatement efficiency
  • It does not consume electricity, gas, water
  • It is mobile
  • It has low cost of production


Information about the standard chemisorption module you can get here.

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