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R&D in the field of development of universal catalysts

Оne of the activities of the ECAT Company is catalysts manufacture. The company is constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve production and new ways to create a greater variety of products, taking part in international congresses on catalysis and conducting Research and Advanced Development. Today ECAT company manufactures various forms of catalysts, one of which — bulk catalysts.
The R&D goals were to improve the multi-function bulk catalyst activity and to increase its service life. To achieve the goals our experts based on Research and Innovation Laboratory manufactured catalysts of deep oxidation of hydrocarbons with different content of platinum and palladium and made comparative analysis. Zeolites, aluminium oxide and alumino silicates were used as support matrices. Experts tested physical and chemical features catalysts samples: catalytic efficiency, mechanical strength, chemical constitution, BET surface area and others. All desired goals were achieved during the R&D.  As a result of research new manufacturing process was perfected and production line was expanded.



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