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What are foam materials?

Foam materials are a new class of materials of cellular structure with extremely low density
in combination with high strength-to-weight ratio,surface, noise absorption and low hydraulic resistance.

What are their applications?

Catalyst substrates
dissipation elements
Bioactive systems cultivation platform
Filters for water, gas and molten metals
In wind tunnels and test benches for rectification of gas and fluid flows
Shielding elements in switch-mode electromagnetic field sources
Extended capacity accumulator cells
heat exchanger

Main properties of foam materials:

open cellular net structure
high ratio of elasticity and durability modules to density
low hydraulic resistance
high gas permeability
intensive mass — and heat — exchange with substances flowing through the material
uniform energy absorption under deformation
vibration resistance
high rate of open interconnected porosity (from 80% to 97%)

What are foam materials made of?

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