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Successful installation of the SCR-system.

Project for equipping of gas-compressor unit of  selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems on the booster station «Gornozavodskaya» is all but finalized. Installation of the SCR-system was carried out in early August. This project was initiated by Gazprom Transgaz Chaikovsky and held  within the R&D « The development of the technology  to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere».

ECAT Company developed and manufactured air cleaning system  based on selective catalytic reduction. The system provides emissions abatement of NOx and CO. Abatement efficiency equates to all norms and requirements in Russia EU countries.

This system works like this —  modules of the  system are built  into the exhaust tract of gas-compressor unit.

The SCR-system provides the cleaning emission of gas-compressor plant to a predetermined value NOx concentration. Fine reagent solution is injected into the exhaust of gas-compressor unit. This reagent  reacts with nitrogen oxides, as a result, nitrogen oxides are are recovered to harmless molecular nitrogen. Clean air is released into the atmosphere. Abatement efficiency is more than 90%.



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