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Energy efficiency solutions

Energy efficiency is a strategic objective in the majority of world countries. However, there are still many industrial facilities that operate with substantial energy losses due to underutilization of gas heat generated during production processes. Simply because the heat is either used inefficiently or is not used at all, energy losses occur on a factory – wide level.

Energy efficiency solution offered by ECAT Company is heat recuperation. It is a heat exchange process that involves heat transfer from exhaust to fresh pressurized air. Heat recuperation system can act as a core module of catalytic gas emissions abatement system or can be operated as. a standalone equipment unit.

Fields of application

Preheating of incoming nonpurified gas upstream of the catalytic reactor and cooling of purified gas in catalytic gas emissions abatement systems
Facility heating in autumn and winter period
Workpiece preliminary drying in dry chamber
Heat supply for furnace heaters


Heat recuperation system consists of plate heat exchanger. Heated gas as well as cool air from inlet ventilation go through it. Heat exchange bay consists of profiled plates.

Общий вид рекуператора

General configuration of recuperator

Main advantages

Heat saving for ventilation (depends on the recovery degree and can reach up to 80% of consumed energy)
Generation of energy from «waste» sources of heat (flue gases, process emissions, etc.)
Pre-heating of air flow for the purpose of fuel saving in furnace work process
Economic efficiency increase of catalytic gas emissions abatement systems

ECAT Company provides the following services: heat recovery calculation, economic calculation, design of heat exchange modules mounting in ventilation system as part of catalytic gas emissions abatement system or independent from it.

Methods of calculation of heat recovery and resistance to gas flow allow to design, manufacture and commission high-performance custom equipment that fully complies with technical design specification.

Case study

You can find cost effectiveness analysis of thermal oil boiler heat recuperation system in the table below.
Heat recovery in this project comes to 65%. Provided that production process is continuous, air heating savings would amount to $650 000. This way, recuperation system capital cost repayment period will be around 2,5 months.

Air volume, м3/hour 50 000
Exhaust air temperature,°C 15
Design ambient air temperature ,°C 13,3
Working day duration, hours 24
Number of working days per month 30
Ambient temperature after recuperator, °C 139,4
Recuperation, % 65
Average recuperative capacity, kW 1538
Kilowatt-hour rate (estimated), dollars 0.05
Air heating savings, dollars 650 000


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