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Complying with orders issued by regulatory authorities

We often help clients, facing an immediate need to rectify deficiencies identified by regulatory authorities. We know how to develop a solution that will allow to minimize pollution of the environment quickly and efficiently.

We conduct the following surveys when necessary:

Air/emissions physical and chemical properties analysis
Air flow pollution agents sample probes
Our equipment allows us to identify any organic substances contained in the emission.
If you require “green” design engineering, our specialists will offer you a complimentary consultation and will help you with equipment selection, carrying-out of environmental sample probes and documents preparation.

What do we do?

Help industrial plants and factories comply with maximum admissible emission limits
Make sure all production operations conform with current legislation
Guarantee pollution fee minimization

Case study

Russian Federation Government banned gas flare use for associated gas afterburning. ECAT Company offers a solution that:

Allows to comply with all applicable environmental laws
Is energy efficient, safe and economical to operate
Parameters Thermal catalysis Gas flare afterburning
Abatement efficiency 99,8% up to 90%
Afterburning temperature 200-450 С 800-1500 С
Secondary emissions None Present
Energy consumption up to 0,02 kW h/m3 from 500 m3/h of natural gas
Pressure drop up to 2 kPa
Capital costs (per 1000 m3/h of cleaned air), dollars 11000 — 44000 3000 — 46000
Annual operating costs (per 1000 m3/h of cleaned air), dollars 2700 — 9500 18700 — 36600
Build Modular Solid, requires foundation


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