Manufacturing clean air

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Catalysts manufactured by ECAT Company are intended for converting of organic substances and carbon monoxide, ammonia, ozone and nitric oxides reduction. Abatement efficiency up to 99.9%.

Environmental catalysts

Intended for industrial emissions abatement

Process catalysts

Intended for technological process acceleration and facilitation. References available upon request.
Catalysts for endothermic gas generators Hydrocarbon conversion С1-С4 Carburizer 800 — 1000 °С
Catalytic ammonia cracking Nitriding furnace 400 — 550 °С
Low-temperature carbon oxidation catalysts Hydrogen combustion Nuclear reactors, semiconductor manufacturing, battery rooms, hydrogen energy -5°С to + 550°С
Hydrocarbon processing catalysts Conversion of broad fractions of light hydrocarbons of associated oil gas into engine fuel Oil and gas processing Up to 800 °С

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