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ECAT company: overview of developments

August was eventful for ECAT company. Today we remember most important of them.

In early August ECAT company successfully concluded installation of  selective catalytic reduction system. Installation of the SCR system was carried out on the booster station «Gornozavodskaya». The system provides emissions abatement NOx and carbon. Abatement efficiency equates to all norms and requirements in Russia EU countries. Currently the system is being pilot tested. You can get recent news on our site.
In August ECAT company presened new product in the field of industrial ecology – mobile chemisorption module. This system was designed by our experts for small volume of emissions (from 0 to 500 m3/hr). It ensures cleaning of sulfides, halogen-containing extractives, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia and other. Mobile chemisorption module has compact size, therefore it is mounted with minimal cost into the existing system.
ECAT company created a greater variety of catalysts: in August R&D in the field of development of universal catalysts  was conducted by our experts. They manufactured catalysts of deep oxidation of hydrocarbons with different content of platinum and palladium and made comparative analysis. As a result of research new manufacturing process was perfected and production line was expanded.



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