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Foam ceramics

Foam ceramics are ceramic honeycomb structure materials, manufactured from finely-dispersed mineral powders and liquid foams.

Low thermal conductivity and high heat resistance make foam ceramics an efficient heat insulating material. Foam ceramics can be used as molten metals filter as well as catalyst substrate or particulate trap.

Fields of application

Aluminum oxide foam

  • Aggressive media filters
  • Molten metals filters
  • High-temperature insulation
  • Biological media carriers
  • Catalyst substrates
  • Acoustic dampers
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Silicon carbide foam

  • High-temperature filters
  • Molten metals filters
  • Catalyst substrate
  • Flame arresters
  • Infrared remitter
  • Electric heaters
  • Heat transmitting components
  • Electromagnetic impulses absorbers
  • Thermal regenerators
  • High-temperature insulation
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Zirconium oxide foam

Molten metals filter (for steel and heat-resisting alloy, for example)

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