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Company Management Team

Aleksandr Makarov
Chief Executive Officer

«I decided to become an environmental entrepreneur, because I want to make sure that all of us breath fresh and clean air. In my spare time I often go camping or rafting to enjoy the beauty of Ural nature. Over 10 years that I have worked with ECAT team I noticed how attitude of industrial companies representatives to environmental protection changed for the better. I like to think that we are active party in this process».

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Evgeniy Pishchalnikov
Quality Assurance Officer

«I have worked at ECAT Company for over 4 years now, and I’m still as enthusiastic about my job as I was at the beginning. The best part about my career is the realization that my colleagues and I are making a difference every day, doing everything we can to ensure that air quality in our native town and outside it are as high as possible.

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Ayna Kataeva
Head of Scientific Research Laboratory

«Nowadays research in the field of environmental chemistry are becoming more meaningful. The world develops: new factories are opened, cities grow. It is very important for me, that I can make the environment cleaner, working in a «green» company. It is very important for me, that my job can make the environment cleaner. In my spare time I like get out of town for a few days to enjoy our wonderful nature».

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Denis Merzlyakov
Chief Engineer of Manufacturing Department

«I go to work every day being strongly aware of its importance. I love nature and want to do everything I possibly can to hold it in trust for future generations. My job is to supervise manufacturing of industrial emissions abatement systems, which gives me a unique opportunity to oversee the unique process of transition from design drawing to high-tech equipment».

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Dmitriy Fotin
Chief Process Engineer

«Chemistry is more than science to me, it defines my way of thinking. I enjoy spending leisure time with friends and family. Things that I like the most are winter sun, babble of brooks in spring, scents of morning summer air and the extravaganza of autumn leaves colours. When the weather permits I bike to work – this is how positively my job at a ‘green’ company Influences my lifestyle».

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Vladimir Polishchuk
Principal Design Engineer

«I love what I do and this is what matters the most. My job is not only complicated and demanding but very interesting as well. This is the main reason why I have been working at ECAT for over 4 years now. When I’m not working, I study English and ride my bike – as you can see I’m a responsible employee of a green company and my hobbies are 100% ecofriendly».

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Yuliya Shcherbakova
Head of Sales Department

«I consciously chose a job in the field of industrial ecology because I hope to help us all live more sustainably. Working as Head of Sales, I met hundreds of people and this is one of the things that makes my job so exciting. When it comes to hobbies, I indulge in my favorite pastime — reading whenever I get a moment».

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Mariya Khokhlova
Head of Marketing Department

«My main goal at work is reminding everyone how important it is to keep the atmosphere clean for future generations. I feel very privileged to be able to market equipment that makes a real difference in lives of thousands of people. My pastime of choice is travelling: both touring Russia and visiting other countries. Historic cities with a wealth of culture are my favourite destinations».

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