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Company History

The year when ECAT Company was founded. First gas emissions abatement systems were developed and manufactured. Our company was the first and the only business in the region to be backed by the Foundation for Development of Small Forms of Innovative Enterprises.



Full-scale manufacturing of gas emissions abatement systems was launched. The first prototype of combined plasma-catalystic system was manufactured and shipped to Elekond (Sarapul, Russia) that would become one of our repeat clients.

Patents for gas emissions abatement method and thermocatalytic equipment developed for this purpose were obtained. This equipment has since become an integral part of ECAT Company brand identity.



ECAT Company got to a new level of business development. Our range of products was extended with the introduction of a brand new device – air ozonizer that was patented the same year. Massive investment was made in in-house R&D.

Insurance company Allianz lended support to our company. It gave rise to development of partnership between our companies. ECAT Company staff reached 10 as well as the number of projects completed that year.



ECAT Company won a federal innovations contest. This achievement exemplified competitive capacity of regional medium-sized enterprises on Russia-wide level.

Foam materials were first introduced into ECAT Company product range. They were and still are a unique offering on the Russian market and are all-time best-selling products.



ECAT Company joined Perm Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Perm Krai Association of research and innovation institutions and enterprises. Our staff reached 20 people, while the number of successfully accomplished projects amounted to 70.

ECAT Company was approved by the licensing authority and became ISO 9001:2008 certified. The same year our company joined a self-regulating organization to be able to offer our clients turnkey emissions abatement solutions.



ECAT Company diversified its product and service range in 2013, having introduced heat exchange systems, chemisorption module and sample probe and engineering design services.

ECAT Company celebrated its 10th anniversary. The main focus of product development was on non-flame associated gas and sulfur recovery systems as well as all-new and improved air ozonizer model.



ECAT Company conducted research and development (R & D) on Selective Catalytic Reduction System and SCR-catalyst for gas turbines. ECAT Company signed the first contract engineering services contract. Examination of gas purification system and ventilation in steelmaking of casting rolling mill was conducted for the branch of JSC «OMK-Steel».

ECAT Company successfully passed acceptance inspection of Catalytic Reduction System (SCR-system) for NOx control. Abatement efficiency can reach 100%. The share of engineering services is growing at a fast pace — ECAT Company has established himself as an experienced expert in the field of industrial ecology.


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